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Residential Security System Monthly Feature

Security Systems Brampton and the GTA Area

This is a must have for your home and your business. This month, 360 Security Services is proud to offer all new residential customers Security Systems with two extra door sensors at no charge.

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Security Systems Brampton

Security Systems Brampton


With over 25 years of experience in providing security systems, 360 Security Services is the most trusted residential and commercial security company in and around the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and we are proud to say we are experts in installing the full range of security systems from home security monitoring services to full business video surveillance systems on a larger scale.

Other types of security systems services we provide include home alarm systems, security camera systems, burglar alarms, video security, wireless home security systems, CCTV systems, home monitoring systems and much more. Any custom system to fit your needs we are sure we can provide which should give you the peace of mind that you have the best security in place to protect your home or business.

Innovative Home Security Monitoring Services Brampton

When it comes to offering the most up to date and innovative burglar alarm systems brampton and home security monitoring services brampton, you can be sure that 360 Security Services has your back as we will only provide you with a system that is going to work for your needs whilst keeping the cost down.

If you want the cheapest possible solution or the most expensive on the market it is easy for us to make your custom system however we will give our expert advise on what systems we believe you should have in place as from our experience we will know what will work best for your home or business needs.

Protection and Safety with our Security Systems

It all comes down to protection and safety and there is no better way then to have a fully qualified and experienced team of security system professionals come in to your home or business and provide you with the home security or business security systems you need in Brampton, Toronto, Oakville, Mississauga, Vaughan and the whole GTA. We provide high quality customer service which you can trust as we are a fully ADT authorized dealer offering professional service and expertise in designing and installing custom security systems brampton and GTA.

ADT Protectron Authorized Dealer Brampton, GTA

We offer quality home alarm monitoring products and services as well as business security systems and video surveillance from ADT – an industry leader. ADT offers enhanced alarm monitoring services that protect Canadians. Since 1874, ADT has been protecting homes, businesses, and individuals against the dangers of intrusion, smoke and fire, carbon monoxide, floods and extreme temperatures. With 360 Security Services and ADT, you can experience Life… Without Worry!

Some companies have issues with installing wireless burglar alarms and wireless home security systems but with us you can be worry free as we have many years experience in installing these types of systems we also have no problems with installing Brampton alarm systems, Security alarm system, video security system, CCTV system, home monitoring, Access control, home alarm system, home security monitoring services all provided and approved by ADT Protectron.

We provide coverage for Protectron home security brampton and Greater Toronto Area also including more remote locations such as Oshawa, Guelph, Hamilton Area, Barrie, Southwestern and Western Ontario. Just call 416-738-3360 for services provided in your area.

Low Cost Home Security Systems Brampton, ON

Low cost home security systems can be provided but please note that we will be giving our expert advise on each project we take on as it is in our best interest to keep you and your family safe so the system we put in place has to provide the security you need therefore a custom pricing system is in place for each project. All of our clients are more than happy with the solutions we suggest and if there is any changes that needed to be made we work with you to make sure you are happy with the end result.

Security means different things to different people and 360 and ADT Security Services understand this. One person may just need burglar alarms to feel safe where as another may need a full video surveillance system brampton to fulfil there safety concerns. We can help provide full monitored protection from intrusion, fire, carbon monoxide, smoke, burglary, break ins, with the help of the best security systems on the market and the best team of security installation professionals to make sure all areas are covered.

Video Surveillance Integrated with your Smart Phone

Included in some systems is complete home monitoring from your smart phone so you can see your home or business is under control whilst you are out and about. This is very convenient for parents to see when there child is home, for the elderly to see who is at the door, for property managers to see who is entering and leaving there properties all at the power of your smart phone connection.

DVR systems can be installed to record and playback video surveillance which again provides a better sense of security if a break in or event has happened in the middle of the night and was missed when it happened, this way you can look through the surveillance on your system and report to the local authorities if needed.

Our product range across the board but can include benefits such as night vision cameras which can monitor dark corners and outsides of your business. There is also motion sensor alarms and motion sensor cameras so only data is record if motion is detected which saves space on your DVR system to only record what is needed. Events can happen at any time so 24 hours protection and surveillance is needed.

Experienced Security System Professionals

Emergencies are unforeseen events so having a 360 Security Services team install a custom system and having ADT monitoring at all times is the best way to be covered and have peace of mind that you are safe.

ADT has trained professionals on call 24 hours a day and when your alarm is triggered they will be there ready to take action to make sure your emergency doesn’t escalate any further causing more safety risks. ADT’s Customer monitoring Centers are open 7 days a week and 365 days a year so you are fully covered with leading edge technology and highly trained professionals which adhere to the strict quality and data protection standards so your monitoring is solely for you and ADT to be in charge of.

With an ADT monitored security system there are many variations of security and support so there is no gaps in safety and communication.

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Our Brampton alarm systems and ADT home monitoring brampton is the best quality and most affordable on the market we pride ourselves with the home security systems and home security monitoring services as well as business security camera systems and business security alarm systems brampton that we provide for Greater Toronto Area.

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